In Awe of Teaching

By Dennis Nealon; university magazine

Excerpted from The Brandeis Review (magazine)

University Recommits

To Stressing Vital Role

Profession Plays

By Dennis Nealon

Ralph Waldo Emerson called teaching, “the perpetual end and office of all things,” and “the main design that shines through the sky and earth.”

Less elegantly stated, teaching is the force that drives a university like Brandeis to become great and realize its potential as one of the most highly regarded centers of learning in the world today. Not to say that the research conducted at Brandeis is not incredibly important, as well, but the University as we know it would not exist without teaching and teachers.

The University has bolstered its resolve to give thanks to the professionals who devote their careers and lives to educating new generations of young men and women at Brandeis.…