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The Business Case for Reducing Gun Violence

Harvard Medical School website, other HMS channels, Sept. 27, 2022 https://hms.harvard. ... n-violence

While gun violence in the United States continues to claim lives at an alarming rate, it is also taking a quiet toll on the U.S. economy, according to new research by Zirui Song, associate professor of health care policy in the Blavatnik Institute at Harvard Medical School and associate professor of

Lifelong Repercussions

Harvard Medical School website, other HMS channels, March 22, 2022 https://hms.harvard. ... ercussions

Former NFL players study points to link between childhood adversities, poor neuropsychiatric health in later life

Breaking Down Boosters

Harvard Medical School website, other HMS channels, November 22, 2021 https://hms.harvard. ... n-boosters

Questions about COVID-19 vaccine boosters—like who is eligible and how to choose one—have dominated scientific discussions, news headlines, and dinner-table conversations recently, but the practice of giving our immune systems periodic “refreshers” is anything but new.

Advancing Discovery

Harvard Medical School website, other HMS channels, September 12, 2022 https://hms.harvard. ... -discovery

The road to illuminating the biological mysteries of the human body is filled with hurdles, not the least of which is the daunting task of obtaining funding to support early-stage discoveries.

At Harvard Medical School, the Dean’s Innovation Awards addressed that challenge ...


Profile on New University President

wit magazine, June 2019 https://sites.wit.ed ... l-journey/

Mark A. Thompson’s success in academia evolved from his uncertainty as a young man, when he left college after his first year and became a police officer in his hometown on Cape Cod.

U.S. Schools Collaborating with AUV in Da Nang; the remarkable odyssey of Liem Tran

Website, Oct. 1, 2016 http://bit.ly/2dKHI6A

Sitting a stone’s throw from where U.S. Marines landed and began to prosecute the Vietnam War in 1965, AUV offers a strong contrast from the suffering and turmoil that rocked the country for decades. The fledgling school is a harbinger of renewal and increasing modernity for Vietnam...

A University's Steady Rise; officials cite historic progress at century old Boston school

Wentworth website, Aug. 24, 2015 http://legacy.wit.ed ... -rise.html

Academic and construction upgrades are taking Wentworth across an identity threshold, shedding its status as one of Boston’s best-kept secrets and revealing its maturation into a major academic entity.

University Honors 100-Year-Old Willard Merrill with Degree

Wentworth website, April 22, 2015 http://legacy.wit.ed ... 4-22e.html

Willard Merrill was born in New Hampshire in 1914, and finished high school in the middle of the Great Depression. He later recalled that he “never looked back” after graduating from Wentworth, went into business with top engineers, and earned millions of dollars selling his designs.

How to Succeed in Tech: Advice from the Pros

Bentley University website, 9/19/2014 http://www.bentley.e ... dvice-pros

The visits bring together Bentley alums working in technology with current, tech-minded undergraduates and graduate students hoping to break into the field.

New China, UMass Psychiatry partnership could help millions

UMass Medical School (Psychiatry) Website, February 4, 2013 http://www.umassmed. ... index.aspx

A new academic collaboration between the Shanghai Mental Health Center (SMHC) in China and the UMass Department of Psychiatry joins two of the leading forces in global mental health and marks the official beginning of a tremendously important relationship between east and west.


Are More Credit Card Data Breaches Ahead?

Bentley University website, 9/5/2014 http://www.bentley.e ... ches-ahead

If they want to avoid massive data breaches like those faced by Target and Home Depot, retailers should voluntarily switch over to smart credit cards with computer chips embedded in them, according to a Bentley University faculty member who specializes in ways that consumers can avoid scams.

News Feature

Disappearing Act: Wentworth's Architectural Camouflage Expert

University website, September 27, 2017 https://wit.edu/news ... age-expert

The associate professor in the Department of Architecture teaches architectural camouflage, a field that boomed during World War II but is essentially ageless, predicated on expanding upon nature’s own visual manipulations.

South African neuroscientist makes her first visit to University of Massachusetts Medical School

UMass Medical School Website, October 11, 2011 http://www.umassmed. ... index.aspx

Symbolically at least, Vivienne Russell’s flight from her home and work in South Africa to the University of Massachusetts Medical School – more than 8,000 miles – is not unlike the exceptional distance that she has covered in her prolific and distinguished research career.


WIT Magazine, Spring 2018 https://sites.wit.ed ... r-make-it/

Guyer could fill a book with anecdotes from his sorties. Like the time in October 1966 when his UH-34 D was shot down near Da Nang during an emergency medevac mission. He was 25 years old.

Media Placement

School Set to Award Its 1st University-Level Degrees

National media outlets via AP Boston, August 16, 2017

More than a century after opening as a small technical school for "serious-minded boys," the school is awarding its first university degrees at its summer commencement this weekend.

Professor Draws Widespread Media Coverage for Roof Snow Discussion

National coverage, February 19, 2015 http://legacy.wit.ed ... 02-19.html

This story appeared in top-tier media outlets (print editions, broadcast segments, and news websites) coast-to-coast, from New England to the northwest United States, to Miami and beyond. Dr. Goldenberg was interviewed by the Associated Press for a Feb. 18 report on a spate of roof collapses during

Ready, set, hike: move-in day at Bentley

Boston Globe, Names, 9/03/2014 http://www.bostonglo ... 1408375454

Placed feature photo of University President with members of the school's football team.

Roger Goodell won’t survive NFL’s Ray Rice fiasco

The Boston Globe, Business section, 9/16/2014 http://www.bostonglo ... 1408375454

“It’s clear what their motive is,” said Marcus Stewart, a Bentley University business professor focused on leadership and ethics. “It’s the bottom line.”

Internet and Social Media

On the Tragedy in Connecticut

Facebook, Twitter; UMass Medical School (Psychiatry) Website, December 17, 2012 http://www.umassmed. ... index.aspx

Resources for dealing with the aftermath; UMass experts offer guidelines

Social Media

Social Media Engagement


Examples of posts to Facebook, Twitter and YouTube for UMass Medical School (Department of Psychiatry), the American Academy of Arts and Sciences and Brandeis University.


Communications Industry related

Why it’s called media ‘relations’

LinkedIn, February 2014 http://bit.ly/1q3TGVb

The best media relations professionals in the business know how to navigate the space between giving away everything and saying absolutely nothing. They know how to deal openly with reporters and are wise enough to always return calls and e-mails.

A note about quotes: Make them real

LinkedIn, February 2014 http://bit.ly/1fGg3ab

Lose the hyperbole. Aim for a true gut reaction and proceed from there.


Major foundations provide $1 million to support American Academy’s Global Nuclear Future Initiative

By Dennis Nealon; Web site, March 2, 2012 https://www.amacad.o ... spx?pr=158

Three of the country’s leading philanthropic organizations are supporting the American Academy of Arts and Sciences in its goal to ensure safety and security amid the anticipated expansion of nuclear energy around the world.


From brain surgery gone awry, an enduring gift

By Dennis Nealon; Web site, January 24, 2012 https://www.amacad.o ... spx?pr=155

When an experimental brain operation left him a “profound amnesiac,” Henry Gustav Molaison might have chosen a private existence away from the public eye. Instead he made a gift of his misfortune, willingly exposing himself to the tests of 100 researchers over 50 years.


Research/Human interest

Of 'War and Peace': Finishing her mother's work

Dennis Nealon; university magazine

"Robin Feuer Miller has literally come full circle since her adventurous days in the spring of 1963, when, at 15, she wandered the grounds of Yasnaya Polyana, the Russian estate where the great Leo Nikolayevich Tolstoy wrote War and Peace."


Breaking news/Public Relations

Top U.S. Education Official Says System in Crisis

Associated Press, June 24, 2011

For the American Academy of Arts and Sciences I wrote and distributed via AP this news story, which was picked up from Boston, Mass., to Lafourche Parish, La., to Jackson, Miss.


Medical News

UMass Medical School’s Center for Health Care Financing to Provide Medicaid Claiming Services for Washington State

By Dennis Nealon; Web site, August 30, 2011 http://chcf.umassmed ... ing-servic

The Center for Health Care Financing at the University of Massachusetts Medical School has entered into a five-year $3.75 million contract with the state of Washington...


Depression’s changing face

Medical School Web site, March 14, 2013 http://www.umassmed. ... story.aspx

A discussion with Anthony J. Rothschild, MD, director of the nationally recognized UMass Depression Center

Powerful stories of hope stir crowd at bipolar disorder community event

Medical School Web site, March 22, 2013 http://www.umassmed. ... crowd.aspx

The documentary Of Two Minds drew laughter and sadness from more than 200 attendees at a March 13 UMass Medical School Department of Psychiatry event on living with bipolar disorder.

New center will help identify and treat trauma in children

UMassMedNOW, Dec. 7, 2012 http://bit.ly/VBLHSx

To recognize, address and alleviate child trauma where it exists, the Department of Psychiatry will use a $1.6 million federal grant from the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) National Child Traumatic Stress Network to provide specialized training to some 1,800 profe


Editorial: Major-Market Newspaper

An academy shows the way

The Boston Globe, October 1, 2011

I conceived of the Editorial and pitched it to the Boston Globe, which assigned a writer and published the piece.


Media Relations, writing for AP

American Academy Inducts singer-songwriter Paul Simon, Patriots CEO Robert Kraft, others

Associated Press; Washington Post, October 1, 2011

For the American Academy of Arts and Sciences, I wrote and submitted this article to the Associated Press in Boston. It moved on the national wire and was picked up across the U.S., in the New York Times, Washington Post and other major media outlets.


Human interest

Southie Survivor

By Dennis Nealon; university publications, Web site, September 1, 2002

"Southie, where Ulrich grew up the youngest of eight children, is itself a paradox. As Ulrich explains, it is a place barely clinging to the old ways. It is a place both loved and despised by its denizens. On one hand you’ve got neighborhoods of two-family houses and apartment buildings…"


Higher Ed./promotional

In Awe of Teaching

By Dennis Nealon; university magazine

"Ralph Waldo Emerson called teaching, 'the perpetual end and office of all things,' and 'the main design that shines through the sky and earth.”'


President's statement

Amid tragedy, a heartfelt message of support

By Dennis Nealon; News release; sympathy Web site posting, February 15, 2008

"Today we all feel profound sorrow over the loss of life and injury. We cannot imagine how the families and others directly affected by this must feel; we can only say that we stand with them in their grief and pain."


Public remarks (speech writing)

Public remarks for vice president

By Dennis Nealon

"Perhaps Joe Hill, the well-known labor organizer, hobo, songwriter, and rank-and-file member of the Industrial Workers of the World, said it best: 'If the workers took a notion they could stop all speeding trains; Every ship upon the ocean they can tie with mighty chains…'"


Media Relations

President Clinton to visit university

News Media Advisory, November 15, 2007

I directed the communications and media logistics for this event and for many other visits by celebrities and dignitaries, national and world political leaders.


Research piece

Is radical Islam overtaking Western Europe?

By Dennis Nealon; university Web site, newspaper, December 12, 2005

"Despite some claims that the region’s population is quickly becoming overwhelmingly Muslim, Klausen said the numbers and prevailing political opinions don’t support that."


Press Release

American Academy of Arts and Sciences to induct 231st Class of Members

By Dennis Nealon; Academy of Arts and Sciences web site, September 27, 2011 https://www.amacad.o ... spx?pr=142

CAMBRIDGE, Mass. -- One hundred-seventy-seven of the nation’s most influential artists, scientists, scholars, authors, and institutional leaders will be inducted into the American Academy of Arts and Sciences at a ceremony here on Saturday, October 1.


Congressional Resolution


Congressional Record, September 29, 2011

I drafted the resolution commending the American Academy of Arts and Sciences and its 231st Class of members on the occasion of the institution’s October 1, 2011 Induction ceremony in Cambridge, Massachusetts.


Spokesman Role

Spokesman Dennis Nealon said…

Newspapers, October 1, 2010

As these published newspaper excerpts demonstrate, I handled media inquiries as the spokesperson for an elite university.


University News/Associated Press

'You Must Love,' Cory Booker tells grads

By Dennis Nealon; Distributed via Associated Press; university Web site, May 17, 2009

“You drink deeply from wells of freedom that you did not dig,” Booker told the graduating seniors. “To me you have a critical decision to make: To accept conditions as they exist or to take responsibility for changing them.”


Fundraising/Major gift announcement

Mandel Foundation makes $22.5 million gift for humanities

By Dennis Nealon; News Release, December 18, 2007

"Among other initiatives, the center will create new courses, offering opportunities for undergraduates to participate in research on interdisciplinary topics through internships, and organizing special local, national and international conferences…"


Marketing; Brand Support

Using Social Media to Engage Audience

UMass Medical School Website, December 17, 2012 https://www.umassmed ... index.aspx

On the tragedy in Connecticut: Resources for dealing with the aftermath; UMass experts offer guidelines

Author program drew Pulitzer winners

university Web site; public display

This sample represents my work across the communications spectrum: I created and marketed the Meet the Author program, which featured three Pulitzer Prize winners among fifty guests in five years, wrote all of the promotional copy, worked on design, and distributed press materials.


Health-Care Related

Brain imaging sheds new light on adolescents and addiction

Medical School Web site, October 12, 2012 http://bit.ly/RUaQnw

Armed with new brain imaging techniques, researchers are building momentum toward understanding which adolescents are at risk for addiction and how neuroscience might enhance prevention and treatment.


Newspaper Reporting

Klan rally met by prayer service, church gatherings

By Dennis Nealon; The Journal Inquirer

“Christ is here for all people. We should pray for them. We should pray for the Klan and Ed Thrall. Pray for our children and our town,” the Rev. Russell C. Burchard told the ecumenical gathering at Grace Episcopal Church…


Gunfire and death on a New England backroad

By Dennis Nealon; The Journal Inquirer

"Authorities said the chase began at about noon when one of the convicts, looking for the home of a relative in the area, stopped to ask a state trooper for directions."


He's got milk: Roger Hill's Rockwellian routine

By Dennis Nealon; The Journal Inquirer

"He is but one soldier in a small army of men who kept their delivery routes and trucks when economic sense told H.P. Hood Inc., their employer, to abandon its home service 12 years ago…"


Web site content and design

Web site content

Internet http://www.umassmed.edu/psychiatry/index.aspx

Writing and design created for the Department of Psychiatry, UMass Medical School.

Web site content; design

Web site development

Internet http://chcf.umassmed.edu/about-us

Content writing and editing performed for the Center for Health Care Financing