He's got milk: Roger Hill's Rockwellian routine

By Dennis Nealon; The Journal Inquirer

Excerpted from The Journal Inquirer: December 1, 1984

Enfield milkman carries on

Despite age, limited earnings


Staff Writer

The occasional pains in Roger Hill’s legs tell him that he’s an older man now, but day after day, the 59-year-old Somers resident ambles in and out of his beat-up milk truck to do what he’s done for more than three decades.

Hill delivers dairy goods door-to-door, just like they did in the good old days – the days like those in Norman Rockwell paintings.

And while one might think the Hill is the lone survivor of a nearly extinct species, he is not alone. He is but one soldier in a small army of men who kept their delivery routes and trucks when economic sense told H.P. Hood Inc., their employer, to abandon its home service 12 years ago…